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Link Building Basic for your website

To help ease the confusion in the process of link building, I’ve decided to write an easy to understand guide for building backlinks and how to easily use them. This guide is not meant for the advanced marketer, but to help inexperienced user to understand the concept and strategies of link building.Read More

Your Website Sucks!

Your Website sucks

Your Website sucks

It worked, didn’t it?  Here you are and why?  Because my article title is absurd.

Welcome to the world of shock value marketing.  How many businesses are you competing with? Tons. How boring is most of the ad copy you see?  It’s really boring.  It’s really unoriginal, and therefore, it is not nearly as effective as it could be.

So take advantage of this.  Make the audience you are advertising to laugh or smile, and you can be assured they will click on your ad.  It doesn’t mean that your website has to employ the same vulgarity.  It is simply a powerful tool to get traffic to your site.  Once they are there, you can use any means you want to keep their attention.

So what specific techniques to you use?  Well, this is up to you...

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A Good Community Member = Postive SEO

People are always asking for the best methods of promoting their site. The usual answers are: Link Exchanges, Buy Advertising, Submit to Search Engines, Viral Marketing…and so on.

While these suggestions are all good in their own way, some require a lot of effort, some require money and some rely on your site being ‘worthwhile’ for the other sites to link to…as in, a reciprocal link will be worth them putting your link on their page…and some simply put people off because of the ‘spammy’ feel to them.

My suggestion *does* require effort, but it is a lot more subtle than the methods mentioned above.
All you need is:

  • Membership at a forum
  • A link back to your Home Page (without index.html or index.php) in your signature (eg:
  • The ability to make helpful/interes...
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