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Learn How To Start Your Website for Free

How to Start a Website for freeMany have the misconception that starting website is a task reserved for the highly skilled, highly technical. Thousands of talented entrepreneurs pass the opportunity of having a powerful website solely based on the idea that it is expensive and too difficult for the “average Joe”. Freelance writers, artist, photographers and even basic enthusiasts all can now benefit from a website.  Gone are the days where this is something you need to worry about!  Anyone can launch a website with little to no money spent and get your content our to the millions of potential viewers and expand your reach like never before.

So read on to learn how to start a website for free!

Perhaps the most popular way to get a basic website is to start a web blog...

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Accepting Credit Cards For Your Online Business

Did you know that one of the best ways to increase sales for any online or offline business is to offer your customers the convenience of paying by credit card? As a merchant, you have several options available when it comes to becoming part of the credit card acceptance and processing chain. Here’s a quick guide to get you thinking.

Merchant Accounts
If you want your online business to be capable of accepting credit card payments, you must have some type of merchant account. A merchant account allows you to take credit cards as forms of payment in a safe and secure manner.

You apply for a merchant account by filling out an application and signing a fee agreement. Unfortunately, navigating the merchant account maze can be difficult if you do not have financial experience...

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