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Free Shopping Cart Checkout Systems

Free Shopping Cart

If you are trying to start an online business, chances are you have a least thought about selling products online.  With the power of the internet today it is easier than ever to procure and distribute goods regionally, nationally and even globally using basic eCommerce models.  Discount shipping providers like UPS and FedEx make it easier than ever to create a track global shipments and it can all be done from your home office.

But what about payments?  What if you want to accept electronic payments?  What if you would like to accept all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card and American Express)?  Not all small busniess owners are ready for the often heavy investments of credit card authorization terminals and the fees associated with these services...

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Accepting Credit Cards For Your Online Business

Did you know that one of the best ways to increase sales for any online or offline business is to offer your customers the convenience of paying by credit card? As a merchant, you have several options available when it comes to becoming part of the credit card acceptance and processing chain. Here’s a quick guide to get you thinking.

Merchant Accounts
If you want your online business to be capable of accepting credit card payments, you must have some type of merchant account. A merchant account allows you to take credit cards as forms of payment in a safe and secure manner.

You apply for a merchant account by filling out an application and signing a fee agreement. Unfortunately, navigating the merchant account maze can be difficult if you do not have financial experience...

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Your Website Sucks!

Your Website sucks

Your Website sucks

It worked, didn’t it?  Here you are and why?  Because my article title is absurd.

Welcome to the world of shock value marketing.  How many businesses are you competing with? Tons. How boring is most of the ad copy you see?  It’s really boring.  It’s really unoriginal, and therefore, it is not nearly as effective as it could be.

So take advantage of this.  Make the audience you are advertising to laugh or smile, and you can be assured they will click on your ad.  It doesn’t mean that your website has to employ the same vulgarity.  It is simply a powerful tool to get traffic to your site.  Once they are there, you can use any means you want to keep their attention.

So what specific techniques to you use?  Well, this is up to you.  You can pretty much do anything...

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