Create an Amazon Affiliate site with WordPress and Reviewazon

Want to start making money online but don’t really have the time to constantly add content and update your site? Well normally I would say skip affiliate marketing but there is a new tool I’ve found that might be for you.

The standard formula is typically build a website with fresh new content FREQUENTLY. This means a blog that you will have to post, say everyday with fresh content so that search engines crawl it frequently and you get nice organic traffic for your niche. Well unfortunately for many, this is what turns most off to this business model.

But fret not! Here is a simple formula for less than $100 of start up money you can have a fully automated money-making website. The first step is (yup, you guessed it), get a basic hosting package and install WordPress.  Next, sign up for an Amazon affiliate account.  Once you have all this set up, you are ready for the final step.  Purchase the Reviewazon WordPress plugin and install this on your WordPress blog.

There are tons of settings to customize your site to what you want it to be but one of the key features is that this script can auto-populate your blog daily with fresh content from the Amazon site.  You choose the product category/niche and let the script do the rest!  Sit back and watch your site build up to a great, high-quality affiliate site.

You will want to find a way to promote your site to get as much traffic as possible.  This can be outsourced by paying for a PPC campaign or as simple as including it in signature posts, email signatures or occasional tweets and status updates on your favorite social networking sites.