Free Shopping Cart Checkout Systems

Free Shopping Cart

If you are trying to start an online business, chances are you have a least thought about selling products online.  With the power of the internet today it is easier than ever to procure and distribute goods regionally, nationally and even globally using basic eCommerce models.  Discount shipping providers like UPS and FedEx make it easier than ever to create a track global shipments and it can all be done from your home office.

But what about payments?  What if you want to accept electronic payments?  What if you would like to accept all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card and American Express)?  Not all small busniess owners are ready for the often heavy investments of credit card authorization terminals and the fees associated with these services.  Where can one turn to for a low cost, no up front investment credit card checkout shopping cart service?

There are two great options available today.  Perhaps the largest and most popular is PayPal’s checkout and cart tool.  This out of the box provides very simple integration.  Users can create “Buy It Now” style buttons for products and/or services that sends customers directly to the checkout after the first product or “Add to Cart” buttons to allow multiple product purchases.


The second option is Google’s new checkout system.  Google has recently added great new tools to allow you to add a very impressive and professional shopping cart to almost any site.  This one seems to work a bit better with the floating shopping kart that follows you around and shows what you have added so far.  The tool works much like PayPal’s in that you can generate BIY buttons or add to cart style buttons.

The other difference to note is the fee structures.  While true terminal services credit card authorization services may require a larger up front investment and equipment purchase, their per transaction fees are significantly lower than both PayPal or Google Checkout.  PayPal charges 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction on sales up to $3,000 a month. Google’s fee is 2% of the sale plus 20 cents, less if the merchant is a Google advertiser.

Another recent benefit released via the Google Checkout blog is that merchants who use FedEx can save up to 21% on their shipping costs. Google?s blog post can be read here. PayPal offers a ?Shipping Center? but there are no special incentive shipping rates with carriers, just free USPS and eBay branded boxes for your business.