Your Website Sucks!

Your Website sucks

Your Website sucks

It worked, didn’t it?  Here you are and why?  Because my article title is absurd.

Welcome to the world of shock value marketing.  How many businesses are you competing with? Tons. How boring is most of the ad copy you see?  It’s really boring.  It’s really unoriginal, and therefore, it is not nearly as effective as it could be.

So take advantage of this.  Make the audience you are advertising to laugh or smile, and you can be assured they will click on your ad.  It doesn’t mean that your website has to employ the same vulgarity.  It is simply a powerful tool to get traffic to your site.  Once they are there, you can use any means you want to keep their attention.

So what specific techniques to you use?  Well, this is up to you.  You can pretty much do anything.  You can insult them, you can insult yourself, you can say something funny and outlandish.  The bottom line is that you have to be creative, you have to think past all the boring ad copy and put yourself in the shoes of those people you are marketing to.  How many times have you been subjected to boring ad copy and have simply moved your eyes right past it without giving it a chance?  Well, there you go.