How to Monetize your Blog

A friend of mine started blogging and asked me the $10,000 question, “How do I make money off of my blog?” We’ll here is my answer to him so that all can benefit from what I hope is my simple explanation using my techniques.

It’s very easy to start “monetizing” you blog… but it is a whole other thing to actually make decent money from blogging. It all depends on how much traffic you are getting to your blog. Obviously, the more the better. Less than 10 visitors a day… don’t expect to make any more than a couple pennies here and there. 50 – 100 visitors a day; you might average a buck or two a day if the content (keywords throughout the text of your posts) is related to high paying ads (high paying ads are like iPhones, Political Keywords, Medical keywords [like Mesothelioma, Cancer, Diabetes, etc.], etc.).

My best paying blog is this one:

Mostly because I am writing (or hiring 3rd party writers) on stuff that is related to “high-paying” ads. I use three different forms of ads on my blogs/websites.

#1 – Google Adsense – By far the most popular and best money maker. It has the most advertisers so you are most likely to get relevant ads served up to your page based on your content.

#2 – Affiliate Ads – I use Commission Junction and Link Share. This is where you sign up with specific vendors like,, iTunes, and other websites who give you product specific ads to place strategically on your site. This takes more thought on your part to place these ads where you think the people reading your material on your blog will be interested in click on the ad and purchasing something from the affiliate vendor. With this style of advertising, you only get paid if the “click” converts into a sale (i.e. you don’t get paid for a click if the “clicker” doesn’t buy anything).

Here is an example of an affiliate site that I am working on:

Here is a great way to start:
Easy WordPress Affiliate Program

#3 Kontera – This is keyword advertising that picks words throughout your text content and turns them into a hyperlink. If the reader click on the hyperlinked words, they get and ad. If they click on the ad, you get paid. Similar to Google Adsense in that it is a PPC (Pay Per Click) system.